Final report from Ireland

In the midst of this last intense week of thesis writing, I am realizing that my stay in Dublin quickly is coming to an end. This inescapable fact is making me feel quite melancholic. Although there are always those things you miss about home… swedish pastries to the fika, swedish summer, a working public transport system etc etc, these are minor things that eventually become overshadowed by the new things you’ve discovered and become used to having around. I will definitely miss having everything at a walking distance, the free gym at Trinity College (come on KI! We need a student gym at campus Solna), going to irish pubs, where there always is a wide variety of GOOD beer to choose from (can’t stress that enough), while enjoying live irish music.

And of course… I’ll greatly miss all the fantastic people I’ve met here. The research group I’ve been doing my project in took me out to a good bye-lunch yesterday. Like that wasn’t already a super nice gesture, they had all signed a card and bought me a Trinity College sweater. I couldn’t have ended up in a group with nicer people.

But if you ever visit Ireland, make sure to explore the island. To fully appreciate the meaning of the nickname “the Emerald Isle”, you have to go outside of Dublin. I’ve been road tripping along the west and north coasts. The nature is truly spectacular. And driving on the left side of the road in a right-hand drive car on the narrow, winding coast roads was an experience in itself.

Slán go fóill

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