Final Push

Thesis time is dreadful. Am afraid at Karolinska is no exception.

It is a horrid, emotional time where most  of your energy is spent lamenting not doing more before now and despising your ineffective time management (well that is how it is for me!). (and this is the second time!!)

Thesis time is a bit difficult, and you will have to accept that it will be a gruelling few weeks,  but you will see the other side too. The supervision you get at KI is exceptional, I have the most phenomenal supervisor, and I have seen similar experiences within my class. The thesis itself is not a big paper it is only 10 000 words, but does require a bit more thought than a straight forward paper.  Careful when you choose your topic! Although  no masters thesis is a magnum opus – you do need to at least your topic. Start thinking about it now.


See you on the other side!!

IMG_0126 IMG_0322

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