This month of April flew by really really fast! Mostly, because of the long easter break we had! I was amazed by the week long holiday that we were given for easter as it is not the same in Singapore.

Since I was “free”, I decided to make a short trip to London.  I have heard too much about it and really wanted to experience it for myself. We were greeted with awesome weather and chilling in the parks never felt better! It was a great getaway from the Stockholm chills. However, Stockholm surprised us with amazing weather when we got home! It has been great even reaching a high of 22 degrees last Monday.

My favourite in London!
My favourite in London!

Stockholm has changed so much in the weeks, it’s shocking how different the atmosphere is, with the blooming of flowers especially the stretch of cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården. People are having BBQs outdoors and moving outside for FIKA and it is getting more difficult to stay indoors to work or study.The days are getting a lot longer with the sun setting only after 8pm! I can only imagine how amazing summer will be.


Also, I have finally decided to put in more effort in learning Swedish! Just started my SFI course and hope I will be determined enough to try improve my Swedish! With respect to the Master’s Programme itself, we have finally completed the course on Biostatistics. I have started on my Junior Research Project. I will elaborate more about the information about these courses in my next blogpost!

This month has been a busy yet exciting one! I am looking forward to see what else Stockholm has to offer in these coming months!

Hej då!


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