My April So Far…

So I wanted to blog about my April so far… I have had an exceptionally interesting and fun April so far. The way the academic calendar fell into place meant I had more than 3 weeks of no classes before I was to begin my practical placement programme from the 22nd of this month.

I was at home in Ireland in the beginning of the month and had some time off to relax and enjoy being with my family in friends. I was home for a week and had some time to explore more of Stockholm such as cycling around and visiting parts I had not been such as the City Hall in Rådhuset, random little parks and coffee shops and other areas outside of Stockholm like the outlying archipelago. Luckily the weather has been so beautiful it has been great to relax in the sun with no impending deadlines or projects due. Adding to this Stockholm gets so crowded with people out to enjoy the sun the Swedes really do love the sun and it is so evident once it is out!

The Swedes out in force in Kungstragården

I also began looking for jobs in Stockholm for the summer and have found it is quite difficult especially for non Swedish speakers. Additionally, the majority of internships for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies were all looking for Swedish and English fluency as were the majority of other jobs such as the customer service & IT industries. However hope is not lost! Areas like Gamla Stan which are very much tourist magnets are great for english speakers to work in especially if looking for bar and restaurant work! I have a friend who speaks no swedish working in, as god would have it, an Irish bar! So this is the best advice, given the experiences I have had to give, as well as apply early for summer internships which are English speaking only, as once March is passed so too are the deadlines!

After all of my applications were finished, the end of my April has been all about my internship and has so far proven very interesting as I have said in my previous post
So this is all for now!

Hej då

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