My First Internship for Bioentrepreneurship!

I have now, as of Wednesday, begun my first internship for my programme. This internship is part of the course curriculum and will take place over a 5 week period. As a class we were not given a choice about where we would be doing our internship, we had to email the module coordinator with a page detailing our preference and our past work and education experience. However placement in a company of your chosen interest was not guaranteed. Additionally I, along with my fellow classmates were placed with another student in our class. Within the course we must complete our project within the company and then complete an Individual reflection, Extended abstract, Oral presentation & Oral opposition for the coursework.

A view of the ‘Pink’ Castle in Uppsala when we had finished our day at the office

I am doing my internship in a company called ‘Kradle Life Sciences’. The company is located in Uppsala and is targeting Africa with the aim to market Swedish medical products there, with a strong vision that affordable quality healthcare should be for everyone. It was my first time in Uppsala and it was so beautiful to see and have the chance to visit on Wednesday when we met the company director, who was so welcoming and informative.

Within the company both myself & a classmate, Stefania, must work on a specific project the company has delegated to us, to be completed by the end of the 5 weeks. The work itself is going quite well and tomorrow we have a meeting with a Swedish medical organisation representative as well as an event, both should help facilitate our project which should be very exciting. I shall update the progress but so far so good, it is great to get some much needed experience which is so essential once you are out in the real world!

Hej Då,

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