Lunchtime at KI

CAM00554Funnily enough, there are aspects of student life at KI that bring back the fondest memories of my days as an elementary school student. These include having classes with the same group of people every day and sitting in the same classroom for the whole day. One of the most important factors, however, is lunchtime. This has become one of the most cherished times of day because it offers the chance to connect with my fellow students and take time to digest (pun intended) the material we learned during morning lectures.

Having grown up in the U.S., where lunch can entail a hurried sandwich at your cubicle, I was happy to learn that we are allotted an hour each day for the purpose of eating lunch. For the record, this is the same amount of time I had for lunch as an employee in a corporate setting in Germany. In other words, there are definite perks to working and studying in Europe. Having time dedicated to informal socializing has allowed me to get to know my classmates in a much more personal way and strengthened our friendships.

Most students I know bring their own lunch. Another thing that surprised me is that KI generously supplies refrigerators microwaves, plates, and silverware along with dishwashers in order to facilitate students and employees who wish to do bring their own lunch, yet have a warm meal at midday.CAM00394However, there are also several cafeterias that offer food for purchase. Here is an example of a meal from Restaurang Jöns Jacob:1392811501866Regardless of what you choose to do, eating lunch is a crucial part of the day in order to stay attentive during the afternoon session. Smaklig måltid!

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime at KI

  1. Meine liebe Laura,
    wie immer lerne ich von dir! Es freut mich, dass es dir so viel Spass macht zu studieren.
    Alles gute mit lieben Gruessen,

    1. Herzlichen Dank! Ich hoffe, dass wir uns im Sommer treffen können, wenn ich zu Hause bin. Alles Liebe! Laura

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