Sun powered batteries

A short post about nothing but everything at the same time. Of course, this is a repetitive topic but it is part of the Swedish state of mind, we always talk about sun and weather and you will realize how important it is after few months in this country.

Some days ago I was talking with a Colombian girl about how the Swedish mood changes with the light (or its absence). And we talked about how Swedish citizens seem to have batteries that are charged by sunlight. But not only Swedish natives but also all people living here during some months or longer time.

The clothing color is the external sign of the remaining charge of those batteries. As soon as the charge increases the color in the clothing becomes brighter. It is quite similar that spring blossom that fill of color the surroundings. The colors on people reflect the same phenomenon.

We all are aware of this and we sit to take sunbaths even if the temperature is below 10°C and the wind is cold and strong. Now we find tables outside, with available blankets of course, because people are taking the opportunity of seeing the sun face to face.

Now our batteries are plugged to the sun powered. And the light is going out quite late. Nature life is returning to StockholmIMG_3278 IMG_3279

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