Accomodation Again

I know you have heard this until you are bored stiff – however – the questions keep coming. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to make some of the calls to the new Global Health Students for the fall intake 2014. Of course the issue of accommodation came up. I cannot emphasize this enough – I cannot tell you soon enough that you need to start to look for accommodation. I know it is difficult to try to find a place to rent months in advance and even more so when you don’t know what the place looks like or you are scared of getting scammed. My first and foremost answer to this – is go through Even if this means that you take it for a few months while you find your feet and get to know Stockholm a little, and meet some people. Lots of moving happens throughout the year, people are not set in stone and few people are lucky enough to find a single place for the entire time you are here.

There are of course many, many blogs that have been written by the student ambassadors over the last two years on the topic of finding accommodation.

I thought I would direct you to them again – and hope that this helps. Also I have put the link to an earlier blog that I have written, about things you NEED to do before you arrive in Stockholm and in your first few days when you get here.

Please write to me if you want help or guidance I can of course do what ever I can do to help!



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