Stockholm – a right place for young entrepreneurs to be!

Stockholm is well known as “Venice of the North”, for its beauty and style, and also as one of the most environmentally cities in the world. In addition to these facts, I would like to highlight another side of Stockholm – according to The New York Times Stockholm is recognized as one of the hottest start-up capitals in Europe! Let’s have a closer look “why”.

The list of examples of vibrant Stockholm start-up culture can be quite long, so take into account that list below is not complete:

  • Here some known all over the world start-ups have been started and are currently expanding to other markets: online music provider Spotify and e-commerce company Klarna are among them
  • Start-up incubators like STING and KTH Student Inc are gathering more entrepreneurs and investors attention
  • “Silicon Valley of Sweden” or “Kista Science City” is hub of IT-companies and research centers, located in the city area of Kista, where spin-off companies, based on the research projects, appear regularly
  • Stockholm is one of the cities in EIT ICT network, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with focus on IT for better life in 8 countries across Europe
  • Not to be forgotten – Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), which offers wide portfolio of courses, workshops and lectures for young students – entrepreneurs and organizes “Start-up Day in Stockholm” – an annual event for entrepreneurs with prominent speakers, investors and industry representatives attending
  • UK-based “Seedcamp” is coming to Stockholm to listen to young entrepreneurs ideas and provide up to 50000 euro of seed funding to the winners

And now comes Life Science Industry-related initiatives:

  • Digital Health Hack Academy – a program with goal is to support and accelerate the creation of digital health startups. It includes idea generation workshop, 48-hours Hackathon during which entrepreneurs will work on creating solutions, workshop on prototyping, workshop on pitch training and final pitch to the investors during Digital Health Days conference (see below).
  • Digital Health Days 2014 in Stockholm – one of the biggest Digital Health conferences in Northern Europe, gathering entrepreneurs, companies, investors, healthcare professionals and patients to discuss the advances in healthcare technology.
  • Karolinska Innovations – is an Innovation Office at Karolinska Institute, which helps employees and students to develop their ideas. Innovation Office offers free consulting services to evaluate the idea.

To conclude, Bioentrepreneurship program at Karolinska could not have been launched in better place: in one of the best medical Universities in the world and one of the best cities to start-up your business. The right place for young bioentrepreneurs to be!

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