Reducing uncertainty

I will not talk about uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness evaluation, one of the topics I am dealing with in my current course. But about that feeling we all had during our application process and all the steps that came after deciding to study at KI and finally arriving.

One of the purposes of this student blog telling our experiences is to show prospective students that coming to study at Karolinska Institutet and to live in Stockholm is not an impossible quest. And everybody, you and us, know that information reduces the uncertainty if it comes from reliable sources. During these days I have been answering questions from a couple of applicants that have been accepted. I see myself asking question and wanting to know everything. Each student has his* own concerns depending if his origin, background and other specific considerations. While receiving and answering questions I can see that the digital ambassadors job is actually helping others to make decisions, to focus on the important things and to reduce stress on others that can be managed when somebody else tells you how to do it.

I know that other Digital Ambassadors are also receiving questions and advice consultations, even more frequently than I have had. All of them are trying to do their best with their own opinion. On behalf of the prospective students we were I want to say thank you to them (us). And for admitted students, keep contacting us. If we consider the answers could be of interest for other people we will write a post here with them instead of answering directly.

You can find posts from KI Digital Ambassador addressing specific topics of interest for all of us. Here are some of many:

* I use the the pronoun “his” and not other because all of the admitted students that have contacted me are men. Political correctness clarification 🙂 And because I understand that language could be sexist I am trying to avoid that inequity issue.

2 thoughts on “Reducing uncertainty

  1. Dear Mauricio,

    I’d like to ask. According to your experience or others, is it allowed by the government to stay in a studio apartment with spouse and 1 kid (1 year old)? I am looking for 1 bed apartment but seems very difficult.

    Thank you very much for your information.

    Best regards,
    Fadjar (Global Health KI student candidate)

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