Summer coming to Stockholm!


So coming from a country that falls within the ‘tropics’ I have resliently and determinedly said that the seasons really do not affect me…. I was wrong. Here is Stockholm the seasons do affect you – however, every one is different and the affect is different in every case – in my case it was the scarcity of fresh fruit and vegetables that had the most noticeable impact. So yes, Sweden is part of the extended EU, and yes you can get most things here – however – for some odd reason – when it comes to fruit and vegetables… you dont really get that much here, and what you do get is not really the freshest. Having recently visited a couple of other countries outside of Scandinavia this became even more pronounced. Swedens fruit and vegetable selection is vastly influenced by the seasons!

So – when I wandered down to my little ICA store beneath my house and noticed that there was (albeit small) an increase in the selection of vegetables and a greater selection of berries. For me this was the first sign of summer – the first sign that the seasons are changing – and probably (for me) the most important sign!

Eating in Stockholm is an expensive affair – especially if you like fresh produce. I have found a few tips to get around this and try to get your daily intake of vegetables and fruit:

1. Shop at the Lidl in Sveavagen – for some odd reason the vegetables and fruit there are very fresh. The selection is not fabulous but it is fresh – and the turn over is fast so you will find that there is a different selection every time you go in. This is  a big deal as a lot of the fruit and veg is not fresh even when it is on the shelves.

2. Savoy Cabbage and Fennel – both lovely – both healthy and both really easy to obtain – so perhaps stock up on some recipies that use those vegetables –

3. Baby Marrows – also easy to obtain and they last a long time – these are worth finding recipies for

4. Frozen food – sadly I have to admit that many of my vegetables have come in the frozen form this year – broccoli, peas and soya beans are my three staples in my fridge – versatile.

Hope you find this helpful!



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