Bill Gates Was Here!

This is a super quick post just to say that Bill Gates gave a presentation this morning in the Aula Medica and I was lucky enough to get a ticket! It is quite telling of the university I study in that I have the opportunity to go to a presentation of this calibre and listen to the debates which followed, it was so interesting. In addition our very own miss Caity Jackson of the Global Health Master program was lucky enough to be a volunteer with a prominent role so I am sure she will have an amazing upcoming post all about behind the scenes- keep your eyes peeled!

The Panel


The presentation itself was centered on Global Health: The world is getting better’ how can we end extreme poverty in our lifetime?. He spoke of his organization and how they are currently tackling global health problems in the world such as malaria and the lack of contraceptives in the third world. Other notable contributors and heads of the health industry formed a panel and asked Bill specific and quite difficult to answer but highly interested questions relating to what the future may hold for the fight against health issues and how Bills organization can tackle this using more than just financial strength, toward the middle of the presentation and then questions were asked from the audience. In my experience as a Bioentrepreneur, it was great to listen to a global health issue from the perspective of those in the midst of the fight against poverty and the illness it brings. The lecture really opened my eyes to the enormity of the health issues worldwide which so many in developed countries take for granted. He demonstrated how much more has to be done but that also trends are changing and in some areas real progress is being made such as sexual health awareness in the fight against HIV in countries like Africa with condoms and HIV medication being supplied as much as possible as well as programs to educate those affected to make better choices. Overall a great experience and one I am most likely not to have again.

For those interested here is the link to the entire presentation in full

Hej då!

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