So the wait is now over for many of you!

Some are already accepted and some are on the reserve list. To all of you accepted: Congratulations!
To the reserves: Keep your chin up! Maybe you’ll still get in. But if you don’t, and Karolinska is what you really want – work on improving your CV and merits for next year! As previously mentioned, not getting in is not the end of the world!

But there are few things as exciting as a promise for the future. At least I immediately start to imagine myself in that new setting and what I think it could be like.
I got accepted to my first hand choice – Biomedical Sciences master at Lund University!

“Why am I switching from Karolinska to Lund?”, you might ask. Isn’t Karolinska the highest ranked university in Sweden? And you did your entire bachelor there?

As Mauricio was touching upon, sometimes you also have to take into account your feelings. I have been in Stockholm for three years. I’ve had a great time and gotten to know a lot of amazing people along the way. But now I am itching for something new, and I want to move south and closer to home. Lund also has an exchange program with two large universities in the Netherlands, where my boyfriend lives.

I am really excited about being accepted for a masters this autumn, as this has been a big worry of mine since six months. But I sure will miss Stockholm, my time there and the people I used to see every day!

In a spit of nostalgia I shall now add some pictures from my Stockholm archive

Karolinska solna campus winter 2012

Karolinska winter   karolinska winter 2

Views from my student home 

Window balloon Window spring window fall student home house party

Stockholm spring

Stockholm spring 1 Stockholm spring 2 Stockholm spring 3 Stockholm spring 4 Stockholm spring 5

Stockholm summer

summer 1 summer 2 summer 3 summer 4 summer 5


IKEA Barkarby



Christmas lights Stureplan

Christmas lights

Evening drinks with Caity and Andrew 


There’s a good chance you’ll see many of these people around campus if you’ve gotten accepted to KI next semester!

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