Waffle Day!

Waffle Day!
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I note several of my colleagues have written about this unique Swedish holiday/Tradition – Waffle day – so I am going to write a blog about this too!

This lovely tradition where you gorge on decadent, fluffy, hot, waffles smothered in cream, icecream, jam and berries is most certainly not to be missed! This year I celebrated with a few members of my class – at a dinner event initiated by two Swedish waffle Queens!

This is a must do tradition that you must partake while in Sweden, along with other sugar saturated holidays – Cinnamon bun day, Semlor Day, the Saffron saturated Christmas baking selection and of course Waffle day!

Apparently – according to Wikipedia – Our ladies day – when translated into Swedish sounds uncanninily like – Waffle day – and therefore waffles are eaten on and around Our Ladies day in Sweden. So there is some method to (should I say madness?!** cause lets be clear there is nothing mad about eating waffles!) method to… the holiday/celebration/tradition (check where applicable)!



You should also read Caity’s post about Waffle day!: https://studentblogski.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/vaffeldagen-and-the-reasons-i-love-sweden-this-month/

Here are some pictures!



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