Admitted to the Master Programme in Biomedicine at KI!

Today is the day when the results from the first selection round to the master programmes are presented at and as you can figure out from the title of this post, I am soooooo happy right now.

I got accepted to my first choise, the general Master programme in Biomedicine at KI. I really wanted to continue on at KI since I’ve really enjoyed studying here. One of the best features of the bachelor programme is the extensive opportunity to go on exchange, either during semester 3, 6 or both (like I did)! The master programme also offers the possibility to go abroad, which I definitely wouldn’t mind doing again. The time abroad has been (and is) truly amazing. In contrast to the bachelor programme, the master programme offers more time for doing projects (in addition to the degree project). And since it’s broad and not focused on a specific area in the biomedical field, people like me who haven’t completely decided what research area they want to immerse themselves in, have a chance of practising different fields.

On a completely different note, I have a couple of super extra fun weeks coming up. Actually, it already started last weekend with some friends visitng from Sweden. We did some touristy things that I actually hadn’t gotten around to do yet: visit the Old Library at Trinity College (famous for being portrayed as the Jedi Archives in Star Wars episode II), St Patrick’s cathedral and Dublin zoo. We also went to Guinness storehouse. Even though I had already been there once, having a pint of Guinness while having a 360° view of Dublin can never be bad, you know. My friends were also kind enough to bring me ingredients to make semlor, marabou chocolate bars and a large bag of that simply must-have swedish smågodis Sofia and Laura mentioned in earlier posts.

Jedi Archives (Old library at Trinity College)

Old library at Trinity CollegeAwesome giraffe at Dublin zoo

This weekend two other swedish friends are visiting and next weekend I am going to London to visit Lina and Sofia, who are doing their degree projects at King’s and Imperial college respectively. Totally stoked for London! Had a blast last time I was there.

Oh well, it’s almost half 7 as they say here. This is slightly confusing to me as in swedish, this would mean 6.30 but here it means 7.30. Have managed not to show up an hour early so far. But definitely time to leave the lab. Maybe I’ll have a Guinness to celebrate.


4 thoughts on “Admitted to the Master Programme in Biomedicine at KI!

  1. Congratulations! The first major course, Frontiers in Translational Medicine, will be excellent to find your way as it covers several subjects corresponding each track for year 2. Talk to lecturers or anyone else that catches your interest during that course and you should be fine. I hope you enjoy Dublin!

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