House Hunting & My room in PAX

Finding accommodation in Stockholm is considered a difficult task, I know myself I was kind of freaking out before I moved here and was lucky enough to find a room in PAX a student housing area in Västra Skogen 15 mins bus ride from the Karolinska and 10 minutes metro from the city. Nearby is another, slightly cheaper student housing area STRIX. I know there are already existing posts on this topic especially Preethi’s great post which has more details and there may also be some overlap in what I am saying.

I received my room through Karolinska AB housing and I signed within the same hour that I found out I had gotten my masters in KI! I recommend signing up as soon as possible. Once you arrive in Stockholm and have enrolled in the Karolinska or any other university you must join the student union, in Karolinska it costs 195SEK to join each semester, once a member of a student union you can continue to accrue days once the limit of 90 days without being a member of a student union is reached on SSSB another student housing website in order to ensure I will have enough days to get accommodation next year. Thus the earlier you sign up the better. This is because Karolinska housing is only available for 1 year. However if you are a fee paying student you are guaranteed accommodation for the first year.

Once I discovered I had accommodation in PAX, I discovered there was no pictures or virtual clues to what the room would look like and so here is a look at what a room in PAX looks like. I really like my room, it is a great size and it is great I have my own bathroom. THe kitchen is a ‘share’ kitchen and I share that with 7 other housemates.

My desk and bed.

View from the entrance to my room a little nook on the right for shoes and coats and plenty of wardrobe space.


Good luck on your house hunt!

4 thoughts on “House Hunting & My room in PAX

  1. Good tips!
    However I think you can actually sign up for even before joining the student union (or so it used to be at least) and I think you can get a couple of months without being a student union member but then after those days have passed you need to become one to get more days!
    Once you’ve joined the student union it will automatically update and start you collecting days :).

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