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Only one week is pending to see the result of your application. In one week they will announce the first round of admitted prospective students. This is the last post on that topic, out of a series of three, with information that could be useful.

Some images are related with an application I made for free standing courses . However the information was the same in the firs and last application I made and it seems this year the University admissions system is no different from 2013.

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5. Selection

The last days before selection announcement, the system locks your application and selection is run. The status of your programs disappears and even the messages feature is limited or disabled. This happens two or three days before the so expected date.

5 6If you want to keep record of your currently available info take screenshots now because later you will not be able of seeing your ratings and messages, for instance.

6. Admission

Now, it is the day. The results will be published today…. Actually they do not publish the results but tell you your own results. You cannot see other’s final decision. In 2012 they said that the results would be available at 1 PM on 16th of March. But even Swedish people, sometimes, cannot match the deadline. Two or three hours later I received an email telling that my results were available at UA site. If you have waited during 2 months or more, two hours is not a big deal (at least for people from countries where punctuality is not the most appreciated value, like mine). In 2013 they did not specified the hour at which the results will be communicated and I do not see time in 2014 information either.


You will see a new status for each one of the programs you chose. The ones I know are admitted, reserve and deleted. Actually, as I have to pay tuition fees, the status were conditionally admitted and conditionally placed on reserve. In the case when I was accepted, the condition is that I have to pay the fee before the registration at the university take place. This was for the stand alone courses during spring 2013 although, actually, the course was held from January to March. It happened exactly the same when admitted to this Master Programme. I was admitted to my first option, the other three received a “deleted” status. If you need a residence permit and are not exempted of tuition fee you must pay it before applying for residence.

During the 2012 admission process for Masters starting in Fall, I was placed in waiting list for both programs I applied for at Karolinska. I did not apply for any other program or university. I was placed initially in number 19 for one program and number 15 for the other in the waiting lists. After the second admission round I reached the number 5 in both. As UA says, it is not possible to guess chances to be accepted if you are in a waiting list. It depends of many variables, different for each university and program. But if you receive one of those ADMITTED status you MUST accept it in order to formalize that you are interested in that program you were accepted for or you are interest in participating in the second admission round. You can give your response the last day if you prefer. I understand that you can change your decision in the last moment before deadline is reached.

The official notification is a PDF file you can download from your account in UA site. It is a letter where the first page and part of the second have general information you should read carefully. In the second page you will find the results for all the programs you applied for and, after those, additional directions. In this letter, the status they state is actually Admitted or Placed on reserve even if you have to pay tuition fees.

The second admission round is more of the same, you receive the email message and find the results in your UD account page. You do not have to respond this offer.

7a 8

7. After admission

If you were admitted and you accepted the offer from your University (you will receive only one offer even if you have merit ranking to be accepted in all your options) you will be contacted by email from your university. You will receive information about payment, registration, etc. Each university handles these communications in its own way.

Please, if at any moment after accepting your offer you decide not to come, inform it immediately to KI or whichever university admitted you. We had 25 places in our Master but only 23 showed up the first day. Those 2 additional places were lost because people in waiting list were not able to arrange things to come, suddenly, in less than 1 week.

8. Late applications

I made a late application for 2013 spring courses. I applied for three of them, two at Karolinska and one at Uppsala University. For these standalone courses you can be admitted to more than one if you do not exceed certain amount of total credits. The deadline for application was September and I only applied in December.

Uppsala University checked almost immediately my application and admitted me. This course was web based so I did not have to deal with visas or residence permits. I was admitted in December and the course started in mid-January.

Other was the case with Karolinska. One of the courses I applied for started in January and Karolinska did not process my late application. I asked KI admissions people and they confirmed that they were not going to process it. The other course started on 25 of March, 2013 and KI processed my application when processing the application for master programs: the week before the course started. I was placed in number 1 in the waiting list. Although if I had been accepted I could have not attended the course as the visa takes from 3 to 4 weeks in the best of the cases (and I was already committed with some consultancy clients).

This was not Karolinska Institute’s fault. It was mine by applying so late. I was lucky that Uppsala accepted me and that the course was web based. So, even if you see that you can make a late application, don’t be so confident it will be processed on time. Eventually, KI contacted me because one place was available for that course but I was already admitted to the current master and I preferred to focus on that.

9. Contacting University Admissions

The University Admissions website has a lot of information and is very helpful. However you could need to make a specific question. You must use the contact option on the home page. Include all the information you consider is relevant (application number, course or program name, course or program code, your specific question or doubt, etc.). As soon as you send the question you will receive an automated email response. The system checks keywords in your query and respond with a pre-written answer. If it is unsuitable for you, you can request that a real person check your message. For that, you will find a link in the automated message. Clicking on it you will be brought to a very simple page, almost blank. But it means that your question was received. Wait a couple of days to receive your response.

If you receive a message in your UA account you will be not able to answer it from that place. Use the feature described above if you need to clarify something on it.

10. Scholarships
I was not able to get scholarship to come and now I am paying tuition fees. Some other people decided they were not going to pay or they could not afford them. I am using a loan and support from my wife.
As I am not a happy receiver of scholarship, I am not able to guide you in the process after being granted that support. I only know that SI will publish the accepted candidates in a list and that KI will inform you individually and privately.
Good luck to all of you!
My next post will be about the decision to move with my wife to the beautiful Stockholm.

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