St Patricks Day 🍀

Ok so I know I am maybe 2 days late but as an Irishman I am allowed there was a lot of festivities this weekend so please forgive the delay. I have got to post about St Patricks day in Stockholm- my very first! First of all I was very pleasantly surprised to discover there was a parade going on organized by the Swedish-Irish society (which I never even knew existed). This took place on Saturday and was so much fun. I met up with 6 German friends, a swede and an Italian and we all marched through the streets of Stockholm. It was the first year where I had no Irish friends or family with me but it was great that my international friends joined in this year. The march started at Humlegården and ended in beautiful Gamla Stan with traditional Irish music and use of a very traditional Irish instrument a bodhrán being played. Irish dancing took place on a stage and it was great there was a lot of talent involved. It was also fun to see all of the irish costumes and I met a lot of Swedes who were dressed a leprechauns or encompassed an irish flag or shamrocks somewhere on their face or person. It was a great experience and I especially loved the Irish wolfhounds, native to Ireland of course, which marched with us, the kennels which breed them came along and so there was about 10 giant dogs marching along, I had a great time.

Irish parade- look at the Irish wolfhound… someday I will own my own..

Marching over the bridge to Gamla Stan

Traditional Scottish bagpipes (Celtic origins thus relates to Ireland) and drums also look at the wolfhound pt. 2.

It is always interesting to me, now that I have spent 3 St Patricks days away from my native Cork to see how other countries celebrate this day. I definitely see that us irish have spread our influence everywhere and it is wonderful to see other nationalities enjoying some Irish culture if even for a day. I attempted to demonstrate some Irish dancing both on Saturday and Monday.. however I am not a good Irish dancer and this it seems shows in my students 😀

On actual St Patricks day (Monday) I spent the entire morning speaking with my family and friends back home via viber and Skype then I went to The Liffey, also in Gamla Stan an Irish pub and as us Irish say, twas great craic, I met 2 other Irish people there and we had a graaaand oul time, along of course with my international friends from the Karolinska. I have noticed however.. that through my entire time in Stockholm and St Patricks day itself that I have actually met only 4 Irish people. It is so bizarre usually we are everywhere!

Anyway just a quick post on my St Patricks day! Next post will involve my room in Pax.

Slan tamaill!

3 thoughts on “St Patricks Day 🍀

  1. Just a wee comment: The band in question, Stockholm Pipe Band (formerly known as Pipes and Drums of the 1st Royal Engineers) is “traditional Scottish” rather than “traditional Irish”, and the music we play is predominantly Scottish, with some Irish jigs, reels, and hornpipes thrown in for good measure. The pipes we play are the great highland bagpipes.

    Gustav Henriksson
    Stockholm Pipe Band

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