Housing in Stockholm


I spent the last couple of days shifting and have finally moved in to my new room in Pax. Really thankful and glad I found a place to stay for the next year. Securing housing in Stockholm is one of the most difficult tasks if you are planning to stay here. It was one of my main worries when coming to Stockholm.

If you are fee-paying student at KI, you can most probably get accommodation through KI housing. I had KI housing contract for just one year. Hence, I had to start my search for housing for my second year of studies. I started early as I wanted to secure a place before I leave back to Singapore for my summer holidays. In that case, I wouldn’t have to worry about it when I am back. Moreover, it will be nice to settle in early and get used to your new room.

Advice on housing before coming here…

Even though, you have applied through KI housing, do look up for other options. The best place to look for in my opinion is http://www.blocket.se/.

Here, you can find various apartments out for rent. You could also check out the housing that KI has to offer, choose what you would like. Most of the Masters students stay at Pax, Strix and Jagargatan. Next thing you should do is to visit https://www.sssb.se/ and start collecting your days. You have to be a member of the Medicinska Föreningen, MF to be in the queue. However, they allow you to be in the queue for 120 days before being a member in the MF. http://www.medicinskaforeningen.se/  When in KI you have to pay and be a member to continue accumulating days.

When in Sweden,

Do keep a look out for vacant rooms in this https://www.sssb.se/ portal. Just keep trying by applying to different houses and the highest bidder will get the apartment. Be sure to check if you have received it or it will be given to the next in line if you do not respond. They have both furnished and unfurnished rooms and don’t worry there is always IKEA to rescue you. There are other housing queues that you could join, however, the number of days required to get a place is really high… Otherwise, you could try blocket.se again or also ask your fellow Swedish classmates if they could recommend any place to stay at.

Also for short term stays,

You can check out http://www.housinganywhere.com.This portal is where students can rent out their rooms when they go for exchange.

Also,  you could check out facebook pages for example…https://www.facebook.com/groups/166224353455760/

All the best!!!

Sunset from my new room!
Sunset from my new room!

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