The torture of not knowing

This morning I saw it. The merit points for the masters I’ve applied for at Lund University.

The KI merit points were presented already last week. The numbers are glaring at you from the screen. What do they mean? They’re not really telling you anything.
You can go in and compare them to last years (or in some cases the year before last years) and see what the lowest acceptance points were then. But in the end, you’re still not sure!

How many people applied this year compared to last year? How many people will accept or decline their spot? These questions are impossible to ignore.

Good news is, only ten more days of torture before the initial answer comes!

For those of you who have applied and get accepted for a masters in Biomedicine, I’m quite confident that you will be meeting a whole bunch of my current classmates, including Lovisa.
Possibly there’ll be some in Bioentrepreunership as well!

Not being accepted is also a possibility and is of course a huge disappointment. If that happens, there’s still the possibility on being accepted in the second run!
Otherwise, do try to have a backup plan. That will make everything a whole lot easier.
And remember – yes it may be a big disappointment, but it’s not the end of the world! Sometimes not having everything work out just as you planned is the best thing that could happen to you.

Just ask Caity, or read her story here.

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