The word thesis now has a different meaning to me: Thesis (n): the project that consumes your life, makes you question everything you thought you knew, and makes you feel guilty for spending any time on anything else. Otherwise known as a cloud hanging over your head.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m passionate about what I’m researching and excited to see how everything turns out and what results and conclusions I can take away from the material, but at the same time having complete autonomy to set up your own schedule and practice some self-discipline is a daunting endeavor.

As global health is the only program of the Global Master’s programs that is not two years, us global health-ers get to experience the thesis adventure much sooner than our fellow classmates in other programs…woooooo!

Our classes finished in February, meaning that we have approximately 3 months of our lives to dedicate to research, analysis, writing, proof-reading, and crying. We started our proposals and early research before this time period, as past experience has taught our program directors that any head-start you can get on your thesis project is beneficial as the 3 months goes by very quickly. I can attest to this now, 1 month in and terrified of the amount of work ahead of me!! This may be the reason I am  taking a break from research to write a lovely blog post.. 🙂

I am definitely nerd-ing out with my project and am surprised when people ask about what my thesis is on, as I’m not sure if they are expecting the 5 second summary or the 20 minute nerd-fest that is my research. But in any case I’ve been told that a) it helps trying to explain your thesis in plain words and b) maybe some people somewhere might be interested in what I’m dedicating 3 months of my life to (what?!?!). So for all your wonderful and patient people who want to know, my research will focus on global health education as a growing trend, presenting all of the global health masters programs in the world and their specifications. I’m hoping to ask some questions like “are global health programs properly preparing students for the field” or “is the field developing slower/faster than the education programs.” It is a little bit outside the realm of global health compared to my classmates’ more health-focused projects but seeing as we have such a short time to complete this report we were advised to stick to a subject we know and I have worked within curriculum development and university education before. I also have served as a career counselor in Canada and run a mentorship program for students and young professionals (SYPs) in global health so career development and education are definitely interests of mine, especially when applied to the field of global health!

Still with me? Awesome! If you have any questions about thesis (from what little experience I have now) or any questions about the program and its structure (or global health in general), my email is checked every few days so please feel free!

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