What I Love about KI Students

It’s pretty impossible to describe the multi-discplinary and eclectic group of students in my class of Health Informatics, much less try to describe students in general at Karolinska Institutet. And it’s ridiculous to think that I’m trying to do it with a few words. But here it is, and I stand by it for every student I know. But enough with the suspense, here it is…


In my Health Informatics class, almost everyone has seen specific troubles or difficulties that they want to solve. And this goes for the students in the other international master’s programmes and bachelor’s programmes. Whether it’s AIDS in developing nations, black-market prescription drugs trafficking, or problems with radiation information systems in the clinic, KI students want to change the world.

True, not every student is highly-motivated with a clear purpose. There are even some students who have no idea what they want to do – they literally drown in the sea of possibilities. But here’s the catch: they are passionate about finding something, whatever that something may be.

Let me put it this way. I was at a graduate school fair, considering some of my possibilities after graduating from KI in 1.5 years. And out of the maybe 80 or 90 attendees over two hours, there were 20 Karolinska Institutet students. Maybe you’re passionate about a health-related topic already, or maybe you want to find your passion – you’ll find other people like you at KI. But personally speaking, KI isn’t some magical panacea. Instead, look for the right people to ignite and fuel your passion, then don’t look back. Best of luck with your planning! #carpediem #dosomething

KI students at QS World Grad School Tour in Stockholm on March 13, 2014. (Unfortunately not everyone made it into the picture.)

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