My Dublin Adventure: St Patrick’s Day

Every year on the 17th of March, St Patrick’s day is celebrated in several places around the world. But… I don’t think anyone celebrate it as hard as the irish. Here, it’s a national holiday (also referred to as a bank holiday) and means that you don’t have to show up for work/school. But the celebrations already started today with the whole city being lit green and continues on throughout the weekend with the big parade happening on Paddy’s day.

I was rather curious about the story behind the celebrations. According to the legend, Patrick was born somewhere in Britain and was kidnapped by irish pirates at the age of 16. He was held as a slave for six years before managing to escape and return home to continue with his christianity studies. One night an angel spoke to him and told him to return to Ireland as a missionary to convert the irish people into christianity. He did as he was told and returned to Ireland where he built schools and monasteries. The shamrock is a symbol associated with Ireland and St Patrick as he used it to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity. Apparently he also banished all the snakes from Ireland by chasing them towards the sea and that’s why there are no snakes here. Thanks for that, Patrick. Not a huge fan of snakes.

But like some irish guy told me, St Patrick’s day is like many other holidays mostly just an excuse to indulge in beer. I (for some reason) signed up for the St Patrick’s festival 5k road race on sunday at noon, so the beers will have to happen sunday evening. Hopefully I will manage to get up in time on monday to catch a glimpse of the parade. If you want a good view, you should apparently be there several hours before it starts. Don’t think that’s going to happen, but hopefully it’ll be great craic anyway 😉


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