Were are the Swedes on Saturday evening?

What do you do as a Swede when you are away and desperate for home?

This weekend both me and Lina felt that sting of longing for simple Swedish things. So Lina came up with the brilliant idea that we should visit IKEA!

Now, IKEA isn’t exactly the place you long to go to at any time when you are actually in Sweden. But if you are looking for cheap things for your home (especially furniture), it doesn’t get cheaper. Possibly at blocket.se as I previously mentioned, but that can sometimes be a hassle.
There are two IKEA in the outskirts of Stockholm, and they are quite easy to get to with the metro and bus.

For other cheap things for your home I also like Lagerhaus, which have a lot of useful and fun/cute things, and are located all over Stockholm.

As for our visit to IKEA in London (technically Croydon), it was for a Swedish meal and to visit the IKEA foods store which I had forgotten all about!
And yes, I bought several of the things that Laura was mentioning in her Swedish groceries post! Especially the much longed for godis and of course fish and kaviar.
IKEA godis

We essentially came for the Gravad lax with hovmästarsås in the IKEA-restaurant, but here in London they didn’t have it! (Fortunately they had it in the IKEA-foods store though!)
But the Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes did the trick as well!
IKEA mat

So were can you go for foods when you are longing for home in Sweden? Well obviously it depends on were you come from. As Laura also mentioned, in the large supermarkets there is usually a section with world foods such as Asian, American and Mexican. How authentic it is, I really couldn’t say though…

Anyhow, spring is really setting in here in London and I’m really not missing the cold. This weekend it was fantastic “close to summer” temperatures here and me and Lina went for two beautiful 10K runs with the smells of summer and life awakening everywhere!

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