Strandvägen from Djurgärden

Around May 2011 my wife was in Stockholm in a job trip and for the interviews that eventually led us to stay several months in this city during 2011-2012 winter. That May, she told me that she had seen people taking “sun baths” in a square near her office but outside was not hot. Actually it was below 10ºC. What happen with that people!, we thought.

Now I am part of “that people”. One of the many that considers that 3ºC is a good temperature to go walking, that it is time to change clothing and left thick jackets in the wardrobe. One that is chasing the sun in the months before equinox. I must acknowledge that I have changed my mind about what is cold and how should you dress to combat it. Now I think that if temperature is above 0ºC is kind of a gift and that sometimes is better to be -5ºC than 1ºC. All those changes are part of my adaptation to living somewhere else.

But this winter was not really cold and I think there is much learning I have to get about having a long and cold winter as the 2012-2013 one seems to have been. This winter was warmer but darker because of persistent clouds. SMHI said the sunshine was lower than average because of the lack of sunny days in all Sweden and a record low in some specific places. “In Stockholm, where sunshine time has been measured since 1908, it became the most sun lacking February month since 1988.” (Translated with the help of google from


Now the days and nights are more or less equal in length. I will have to be used to having sun until very late in the following months. As a tropical country, Colombia does not know much of this phenomenon as basically all days are similar in sunlight along the year.

The learning process never stops.

By the way, today we had 12ºC, warm weather for almost any standard in Stockholm

Olympic Stadium, Stockholm
Sculpture on relay race. Olympic Stadium, Stockholm

IMG_0870DP IMG_0879DP

All pictures taken by me on March 8, 2014

2 thoughts on “Adaptation

  1. Yep, Stockholm winter is no picnic!
    But as a result I think we appreciate nature and nice weather more than most people!

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