Grocery shopping in Stockholm

It’s time to talk about food! For me, one of the best things about moving to a new place is exploring the local food culture. When I went home in December, I stuffed my suitcase full of Swedish specialities to give as presents. Please join me now for a tour of some Swedish foods that really stood out to me in the grocery store.

As you walk into the store, you may be greeted by a display like this:


Swedes really are crazy about crisp bread, and you can find a wide variety in the store. I really appreciated the one with the Dalahäst on it:


Fish and seafood is an important part of Swedish cuisine. Did you know that you can actually catch and eat fish in central Stockholm? That’s a nice perk of living in a city with an abundance of clean water.


You can find a lot of caviar here, including the famous tubed caviar.


Speaking of tubes, you can find plenty of foods in tubes. I was initially confused, but I think that the idea is lighter and easier transport: 


Care for some bacon cheese? The tubed cheese seems to come in endless flavors:


Ah, finally to the treat section. Sofia wrote about Swedish treats that she misses, including smågodis. Here’s how it looks when you buy it in the store:


Licorice is a favorite treat here in Scandinavia. There is even licorice-flavored ice cream! My friends and family members were delighted when I introduced them to a licorice ice cream topping that turns into a hard shell:


One other thing that you should know about Swedish groceries is that you can buy some medicines. In Sweden, a pharmacy that sells medicine is an apotek. However, these have limited hours, so if you ever need to buy any medicine after the apotek is closed, remember that you can buy some at your local grocery store.

First, select a card with the picture of the medicine on it (the group of cards at left in the picture below).


After purchasing the card, you can redeem the coupon you will receive at a machine like this, which will give you the medicine:


Finally, if I am desperate for home, I suppose I can always turn to the “American section:”


Stay tuned for a future post on where to buy ingredients for non-Swedish cooking!

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