My own concerns

Stadshuset, last autumn, in the beautiful Stockholm

Maybe it is too soon to be worried but this is one of my usual moods. In this season, the concern goes quite far, one year in advance or more, and touches my life after this master. I usually found myself asking: what am I going to do? Where are we going to live? Which jobs will I apply for? How long will it take to get a job? Will this master contribute to get a higher wage and a better job?

When I started my master at Karolinska Institutet I thought it would be great to pursue a PhD. Now I do not see myself working during more than 4 years (most likely 5 or 6) in the same research question, not well paid and very dependent form my wife. I used to work, to have my own money to travel, buy things and to invest. But I think I will not be happy in that PhD time, even if the money were not a concern.

However, I do not have only long term fears. I also have mid-term ones as thinking about the thesis (actually it is not the time to do it), how it will go, which topic will I find, choose or select for any list options if there is such list. Also, if I will get the discipline to complete it, if the result will be good enough and many other common worries that students have about their graduation thesis.

And, also I have short term “problems”. If I will receive timely response from migration board on my “moving to someone” residence application (my wife and I applied separately for residence permits) or if I will get the money for the next tuition fee if migration does not respond timely, if I will have to apply for student residence permit renewal while having the other application ongoing, what are I going to do during the summer (almost sure I won’t travel to Colombia), if I am going, finally, to learn Swedish…

In fact, I also think that I am self-sabotaging my happiness of studying this master, studying at KI, being in the beautiful Stockholm with my loved wife, the joy of knowing that winter is almost over and was kind with us the foreigners, that days are longer and soon will we have longer days than nights…In Colombia we usually say, playing with words: “No se pre-ocupe. Post-ocúpese” that could mean something like “do not be pre-occupied. Be post-occupied”, do not worry in advance.

But anyway, I just wanted to let you know some of the concerns one current student is having, concerns that for sure are quite different form the worries that other international studies have and that are not less or more valuable to others. Just my own.


One thought on “My own concerns

  1. I really enjoyed this post and think that many students can relate to it. Some of your concerns are more common than you might imagine. This master’s program has just flown by so far. At the beginning, it was easy to think of two years as a long period of time, but now it is time to make decisions about the summer, the master’s thesis, and what to do once we receive our diplomas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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