Fat Tuesday evening philosophy

Today is Fat Tuesday, or Fettisdagen as we say in Swedish. As a child I was confused if it was actually called fettis-dagen which would mean “fatty day” or fet-tisdagen which makes “fat Tuesday”.

Today I learned that Fat Tuesday is not only celebrated in Sweden, but in England and America as well. What is however different about this day is that in Sweden we eat my beloved Semla

and here in England they eat pancakes… Not nearly as good, but I’m getting free pancakes this evening and that can never be a bad thing.

This bun is however not the only thing I’ve really come to miss about Sweden. As much as it is fun to live in London, there are a few things that just doesn’t exist/are the same here and that I really feel the absence of. Apart from my family and friends of course, there’s also:

On any given Friday or Saturday (and occasionally other days…) this is the perfect snack to a movie, the pick-me-up after a hard day, the ultimate freedom of choice that Sweden is built on. You will find these candies and more in little boxes in pretty much any supermarket and you pick exactly how many and what types you want to buy, weigh the bag and pay for those.
Does the concept sound familiar? They do nice tries in other countries, but never as good as the Swedish smågodis.

natur1 natur2 natur3 natur 4
I miss it soooo much. Running on forest paths and gravel roads in empty open spaces, with the smell of trees and chirping of birds to keep me company. I guess I never realized how rare solitude is.

My language
There’s nothing like getting of the plane and heading into the city after being away for a while, to make you feel instantly at home. You recognize different dialects, read ads in Swedish, all the systems make sense…

Swedish grocery shopping
I know where to find things and the things I’m looking for exist. Especially I miss ICA, my favourite Swedish store…

Ugh, now I’m really hungry thinking about all this food and candy. And I miss Sweden.
It’s sometimes odd the things you find yourself missing. And then once you’re back home for a little while you start to miss your adventure.

I think every place has something completely unique that you will find yourself missing once you leave, if you’ve stayed there long enough. Especially the place you were born and raised will always be very special to you. The place you’ll eventually call home though, I think, will be the place where you feel you are the best version of yourself.

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