The Fun Side of the Karolinska

OK so I just wanted to write a quick post on the ‘fun’ aspects of Karolinska without the course details as I usually post. So as of now i am readying myself to go up one floor and have dinner with a few classmates, we are going to ‘MF” pub in KI which is basically the student union and the drinks are much much cheaper than in town, this is a usual occurrence for us and for many of the other master students also. It is always busy and really great to catch up with everybody I started in the intro week with. Also living in Pax has been great (next post will be pictures and more info on pax and my room!) as 7 people from my class live here. This has been nice as every morning we have classes together we are all on the bus together and come back together also.

Just a picture of the Aula when the snow returned very briefly a week or so ago.

Within KI and MF specifically there are many activities, such as the business comitee, Queerlinska for the LGBT community, MEDICOR which is the Karolinska magazine is very accepting of budding writers as well as the Karolinska choir for those who play an instrument and like to sing! MF is also really fun as events like movie night and parties are organized, such as friday pub. Activity -wise there is a free gym for students in Karolinska Huddinge, which is the second campus for KI and unfortunately it is a bit far away but there is a free shuttle bus from Solna campus which helps. Recently we also had ‘sport’ day where there was no classes and free sport activities as well free gym membership to a gym very close to Solna. In addition for those interested in learning swedish, language @KI is a student-based initiative with native swedes teaching international students to speak swedish. I am sure there is much much more but this is all I can think of now and really all that I have been involved in.

If you want to follow us students and see both our fun and study lives from a daily perspective please check out the Prospective Students Karolinska instagram account ‘kistudentblogs’.

Next post all about PAX.
Hej Då

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