Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

So as I have stated in previous blogs, I am studying a course called ‘Ideation’ in Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), this is a school formed as a conglomerate of KI, Stockholm University, KTH, Konstfack and Stockholm School of Economics. Courses take place at any of the universities listed and I just so happen to be back in KTH for it, which has been nice. It has been so interesting so far and the great thing is that all students from these universities get to choose which course they want to do, obviously my choice was Ideation but many other students in my class chose courses such as ‘Negotiations’ and so free choice, based on preference was very appealing.

KTH just as I arrive for class

Ideation itself, has involved thinking of how to startup a business venture of your own, in class we must have our own startup idea and we use this as the basis for many assignments, including an elevator pitch- which means standing infront of the entire class and stating key elements of your innovative idea and how it can be successful, what are the target markets and what exactly the product/service is all in under 90seconds.. easy! In my case the pitch itself and the thought process of thinking of my own product was easy and interesting even fun. However I went over by 7 seconds which meant -7 marks from my grade which was not the nicest but I have learned from it- less talking!

My idea itself is a vegan food product directed towards healthy living with huge emphasis on non exploitation of animals, humans and the environment itself. To use the course information and assess your idea as well as the other assignments has also been challenging but definitely something I have not thought of as a huge effort to study, given my interest in this area. A really good assignment was to find an entrepreneur whom you admire and to interview them. This gave me invaluable insight into business and also a lot of motivation and understanding for what is required to succeed.

The actual marking of course is very varied with 7 assignments in total and an exam, which I sat 2 days ago. The thought process, brainstorming, motivation, inspiration and learning why companies fail and why some succeed are just some of the topics covered in the course. I would definitely highly recommend ‘Ideation’ for any prospective students not just for course content but also the lecturer who is charismatic, engaging and has an amazing ability to tell stories which are engaging and inspiring.

Ok that is all for now. Vi ses!

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