Master thesis: Episode II – “Working schedule”

After providing some basic details and understanding of what kind of a project you can have at Bioentrepreneurship program, my thinking is to describe how your working schedule can look like. Basically, how master thesis course is structured at Unit of Bioentrepreneurship?

Work on master thesis project includes the following activities:

  • Conducting research/work at the company/research center.
  • Participating in peer-review sessions. The class is divided into the groups of 4 students and in each of the groups students try to help each other with resolving issues and answering questions regarding master thesis project. Two academic supervisors are always in the room to help with those questions, which students do not manage to resolve internally within their groups.
  • Submitting assignments showing the progress of master thesis project
  • Defending thesis and preparing opposition

The timeline of writing the thesis can be divided into the following steps with corresponding guidelines:

  • Thesis proposal due to December 15th, 2013
  • Peer-review session 1, 20st of January
  • Project plan status update due to January 28th
  • Peer-review session 2, 17th of February
  • Half time report due to March 19th, 2014
  • Peer-review session 3, 7th of April
  • Writing up the thesis and submitting drafts, by May 7th
  • Handing in final version of thesis by May 21st
  • Peer-review session 4, 22nd of May
  • Opposition report. 23rd of May
  • Thesis presentation, defense and opposition, 27-28 May
  • Final report submission, 5th of June

Time is flying and we are approaching half-time report already. And this means, half of work has to be done by that time. Will have to use some weekends to catch up with the schedule 🙂


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