February spring? And Stockholm Summer School Information!

I know it seems far away but summer is just around the corner for some of us here in Stockholm!

First of all, we are enjoying very spring-like weather, despite the fact that it is still February. This is very confusing for my Canadian friends back home who are still digging themselves out of snow banks and cursing the cold weather. It is also very strange for me since February is usually still very much winter where I’m from and all of the warm weather (it has been between +2 and +8 all month!) makes it seem like spring is here and therefore summer is soon and that is so much of a lie; we still have months to go! I’m not complaining too much though, I’ve been able to job almost daily and it has been spectacular. We have even had a few days of sun, heaven!


Summer also seems close since us Global Health-ers are done our mandatory classes and in thesis researching/writing time right now. Self-discipline is being fully tested at the moment, as no classes means no real reason to get out of bed at any specific time, very dangerous! It is also interesting as some of my classmates are staying in Stockholm (like myself and Alexandra) while others are globetrotting to conduct their research so not only do I not see the same people all day every day, only half of my classmates are in the same city as me anyways! It is a bit lonely without everyone at KI but the small group that is here is taking advantage of the optional quantitative workshops to help us remember what to do with our data.

And thirdly, planning has started for the Stockholm Summer School’s short course on global health, with yours truly as the social programme coordinator! I’m excited to show other international students around a city I’ve grown to love and call home J It is extra interesting that the course offered for the summer school is global health, meaning that I will not only be able to offer social activity advice to the students, but also tell tales of being a Masters of Global Health student! As an enthusiastic global health girl and a fan of my prestigious institution, I don’t think I need to tell you how much you should definitely apply to this program.  The deadline is March 17th and you can apply at universtyadmissions.se. Check out KI’s (new) website for the Stockholm Summer School for more information! It promises to be a great introduction to global health and a great time in beautiful Stockholm!


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