My Dublin adventure, part 1

Geez, I can’t believe I’ve been in Dublin for over a month!
And apparently I’ve been too busy to remember to write about my journey here.2014-01-26 01.55.32

When I first arrived in Dublin my first impression was: rain. Ireland was living up to its reputation already. Although I knew it was going to be warmer and thus, rain instead of snow, leaving a beautifully snow-covered Stockholm wasn’t the most pleasant change of environment. From the airport, I took one of those charming double-decker buses. Unexpectedly, the buses in Dublin have free wifi. This came in handy as the bus did not have one of those digital signs that informs you about which stop is next, so I used google maps to figure out when I was at my destination. If it’s one thing I’ve learned about the buses here: never expect them to be on time. According to the journey planner, the trip should have taken about 45 minutes. It took more than an hour.

I’m living at the campus of Griffith college, in the Griffith halls of residence. Why? you might wonder, since I am a student at Trinity college. The latter bascially can only offer accommodation to international students who stays for a year. So through, which is most common website for finding accommodation, I found an ad about the Griffith halls. There were shared rooms available, which I applied for. It’s not very cheap, for a shared room it’s about 4000 kronor (~€450) a month and you had to pay an additional €35 euro only to get a pillow, duvet, cutlery, a cup and a plate. I sort of misunderstood the fact that you wouldn’t even be provided with a pillow and a duvet, I only thought you needed to bring bed linen if you didn’t want to pay the €10 for that. So the first night was a bit cold so to speak. So the kitchen is pretty spartanly decorated. Holland-flashback: there is no oven. There is supposed to be a microwave with grill function, but for some reason there is just a regular microwave in our kitchen and since I am an oven-lover, my diet right now consists of salad, yoghurt and cottage cheese. The refridgerator is also very charming. It’s one of those really small ones with a small freezing compartment at the top, in which you can’t really fit anything. So we’re three people sharing it and we’re trying to jam as much stuff as possible in the fridge. Frequent LIDL visits are a must. But beside all those inconveniences, living with other students was the best decision I could make. Of course, you never know who you’ll end up living with but at the same time, you are forced to meet new people and that’s really the easiest way. I love my roomies.

I have also managed to do some mandatory touristy things, such as visiting the Guinness brewery. It was really great! Especially the beef and guinness stew with the complimentary guinness pint. There is also a sky bar where you have a 360° view of Dublin. Me and couple of people from the residence also went to northern Ireland last weekend. It was an organized 1 day bus trip with a first stop in Belfast where we took the black taxi tour. The taxi driver is your guide and drives you around the city and shows you the places that played a key role in the city’s political history. The next stop was Giant’s causeway, on the north shore of northern ireland. It’s part of UNESCO’s world heritage list. It was soooo amazingly beautiful. The last stop was a quick visit to the Dunluce castle and then back home.

Ooops.. quite a long post and there is so much more to tell! I haven’t told you about my lab or anything… But I’ll save it for the next post. Cheers!

One thought on “My Dublin adventure, part 1

  1. I too live in GHR, and have lived here for the past two years ! Having an oven would be lovely, but I knew we wouldn’t have one before moving in, which meant researching lots of microwave oven and hob recipes before moving in 🙂 I don’t really find the fridge/freezer an issue though ! There always seems to be plenty of space in there for us (and there are four of us!) You are so right about all the new friendships that are made here in GHR – I moved in with one friend last year and two new girls and I moved in with the girls that I met here last year for this year too – friends for life 🙂 Student accommodation is the way to go and the atmosphere is always great around the halls. Ps. you forgot to mention about the GREAT LOCATION, which is personally my favourite thing ! Being able to walk to Diceys and Coppers – no need for buses or taxis (student life!) seems like you really enjoyed your semester in Ireland though which I’m glad to hear, hopefully you’ll be back to visit in the near future 🙂

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