Websites to guide you right

As I’ve previously mentioned, I have hobbies and interests besides Biomedical Sciences as well… One of the biggest ones being music.

Turns out, I am currently in the right city! Here in London there seems to be an infinite amount of open mic nights, as well as talent. One of the open mic nights is at a place called The railway tavern, right next to where I live, and so I’m currently looking for a cheap guitar to buy so I can participate.

However, it is not always the easiest thing to know where to look for things when you arrive at a new place… Although just typing in what you’re looking for in Google gives you a lot of good answers, here’s some tips for those of you who might be slightly lost in Stockholm this fall.

  • – is a big site where you can find just about anything, from apartments to refridgerators and clothes. Stuff disappears quickly though.
  • – swedish e-bay.
  • – for some reason this only seems to work on my phone, but I get “nearby events” where I guess facebook has acquired information on what type of music I like, other things I’ve been to and what my friends are doing. I’ve gotten some really good events recommended to me by facebook!
    Also it could be worth searching “Stockholm housing” or “Stockholm events” and things like that to see if such a group exists.
  • – directly translated it means “everything about Stockholm”.se and it has suggestions about what to see and what to do.

I think the main problem is that it’s all going to be in Swedish, but that’s an excellent opportunity for you to practice your Swedish! Or just Google translate the whole thing.

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