Coffee culture in Stockholm

It’s time to talk about one of my favorite pastimes: fika. As you may have been reading from other bloggers, fika is an important part of daily life here. At KI, there are fika breaks built into every course schedule for both morning and afternoon sessions! Stockholm is home to a wide variety of cafés; there is something for everyone. When I first came to Stockholm, I used this guide by Stockholm-based blog Green Kitchen Stories to orient myself. I recommend the guide to you as well. Here are some of my own impressions:

When I was working on my home exam this past Thursday, the power went out. Because I needed to charge my laptop, I had the perfect excuse to visit the local konditori. Thanks to Sofia for recommending that I try semla. Another Swedish speciality featured in the picture below is Princess Cake (the green one). As you can see, the Swedes are excellent pâtissiers.


On my birthday a few weeks ago, I went to my favorite café in Stockholm for a birthday breakfast: Pom & Flora. I know you won’t believe this, but actor Mikael Nyqvist walked in! Everyone acted natural as per the protocol for encountering celebrities here in Stockholm, but you can believe I was completely star-struck.


Finally, here is a picture of Café String in Södermalm, which I would characterize as a “student café.” Though I have personally been disappointed by the food and the lack of reliable Internet connectivity, I have run into several fellow KI students there. They enjoy studying at Café String because of the living room-like atmosphere.


I will continue to visit cafés throughout the city and take pictures to share with you. I’m sure you will hear more about the coffee culture here in future posts 🙂

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