Art in the Stockholm metro

This will be a “relaxed” post, not that heavy as the previous ones. Since my arrival to Stockholm to study at Karolinska Institute I had pending a photographic tour through the Stockholm Metro and its art collection. Some of you may know that the Stockholm T-Bana is “The longest art exhibition in the world”. You can find details in this brochure (PDF) from SL, the company runing Stockholm Metro and Buses.

This week I went to some stations on the green line that I have not visited when I started this tour two years ago, the first time we lived in this city. I still have pending to visit more than half of the stations where there are art works.

Below you find some of the pictures I have taken in this two years journey. The first gallery is made with pictures taken this week. The second is with pictures I had from 2012. By the moment I already have more than 500 photos, including blurred, repeated and, a few, good takes. But even with that amount, many details are missing. If you want to enjoy the full exhibition the best way is traveling in the metro system and walk the stations.

Pictures taken this week

And in this gallery some of the pictures I had from my 2012 “tour”

One thought on “Art in the Stockholm metro

  1. These photos are wonderful! I haven’t seen a lot of this art yet. It makes me want to get out at new subway stops and explore.

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