Spring is in the air!

I have a habit of commenting about the weather.

There’s a book which was quite popular to give as a comedy gift between friends a while back, called: “You know you’re Swedish if you…”
and then every page would have a claim such as for example “… like to talk about the weather.”

After that I started thinking about it and I guess we Swedes really do talk about the weather quite a bit. Not uncommonly does a regular conversation with someone you meet go:
“Hello! How are you? Some great/nasty weather it is today/we’ve been having!”
Every now and then it will even fall in to an entire discussion about what the weather has been like for the past months. “yes, I was really disappointed there was no snow in December, the only time you really want it is around Christmas! But of course it came in January, just as you’re starting to long for spring… Guess it will be sticking around until May now!”

Well I guess in a country where weather plays such a dominant role in everybody’s life, it’s not so strange that we’ve developed an interest for it.

It’s funny how you suddenly see those things that are “so typically Swedish” for the first time when you go abroad. People here laugh when I exclaim “OH MY GOD DAFFODILS IN FEBRUARY!!” and have to take photos to send to my mother (who is currently in one of the coldest, darkest places on earth – the north mountains of Norway).
They looked wondering at Lina when she leaned against the outside wall to catch some glimpses of sun for a few minutes during her break. (Swedes never miss an opportunity to be outside when the sun is shining, if they can help it).
And nobody has commented about the weather here, although it’s been extreme winds and one second sun shining from a clear blue sky, and 15 minutes later, pouring rain from pitch black clouds. Well, except for the news because the entire southwest of England has experienced the most extreme weather in decades and is completely flooded.

They call this weather winter. To me it definitely feels like spring! (and smells like it too. Yes – spring, summer, winter and autumn all have their own specific smells.)

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