Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications


Basically – this is all common sense when it comes to applying for scholarships – The same as applying for jobs or filling in applications in general – Make sure you take time and put in effort to put in a quality application…..


For those of you who will be applying from the (specifically) from developing countries… but of course also -elsewhere – I imagine that scholarship applications are probably a big part of the application process for you – (they certainly were for me).  From South Africa – I was eligible for two different types of scholarship (sadly I did not get either one of them)… and I have later found that there were a couple of other scholarships that I should have applied for at some stage along the way.


First off – please, please don’t take the scholarship applications as a given. These applications require attention to detail, careful planning, and a lot of thought, time and effort – don’t skimp – don’t think that you can get by without putting in the maximum amount of effort. I know this might be something that most of you say – ‘yeah, obviously…’ to – however, I really would urge you to spend as much time, if not more on your scholarship applications. Don’t think your credentials are going to simply speak for themselves – these scholarship rounds are VERY competitive, and you are exceptionally lucky to be awarded one. Don’t take it for granted that you will get one because you have done X, Y and Z…!


So applying for scholarships:

  1. Identify what scholarships you are eligible for:
    1.  The Scholarship site administered by the Swedish Institute is very helpful –  SI has a few more  – but they are competitive and require a very complicated process, including rewriting your CV according to a predetermined format. My advice:

i.     Take time to find out what is required

ii.     Take time to CAREFULLY fill in the forms – and really focus on what will make you SHINE

iii.     Give your self-time!! Make sure you get things in on time – in advance if possible – don’t cut yourself out of the race by missing the deadline –this is an easy thing to avoid.

  1. Karolinska also has some scholarships available – but only very very few – so please be competitive: This is an online application – and fairly straightforward. Sadly with this application there is not very much you can do except fill in the form, you cannot motivate your application any more than simply filling it in.
  2. You should also look at the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships – I knew about these when I was an exchange student but completely forgot about it when I applied – bad mistake – contact your local rotary branch….! This might help:
  3. Give yourself time to fill in the forms
  4. Do your best!
  5. Fingers Crossed!!



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