Dear Readers!

I am sorry – I have been absent. I trust that my amazing, informed and vibrant colleagues have kept you appropriately entertained with their stories of their Karolinska Adventures. I must admit – I have little excuse for my absence. Other than the sheer fact – that I missed my fellow Global Heathers when I went away for Christmas break. This is something I hope you experience, the Global Health family. If you are lucky enough to join Karolinska next year, this will also be your reality. Your class of 30 people (give or take) will become your Stockholm family. You will miss them, and when you return from weekends, absences, Christmas holidays — you will certainly notice that little pang of delight when you are reunited.

So while I have been delightfully entertained by my class mate reunion, and enjoying the last few weeks of my time with them all together – there are a few blog posts that I noticed come up – and would like to make sure you did not miss them!

So – we are all at different stages in terms of our research and ‘personal journey’ along this ever more curious academic path, some of my colleagues have posted on how to apply to KI (for which the application has sadly past for Global Health) others have posted on how to stay focused with your thesis – there have been a few blogs on travel and Stockholm and its surrounds and a very useful one on the library.

Here are my favorites from the past two months!




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