Global Health Family (and thesis beginnings…)

I mentioned in my previous blog that your Global Health class will become your family – and by this I don’t mean to under mine your blood relatives or undermine your relationship you have with your grandparents in (Insert Location here). I mean to simply highlight that as an international student, in Stockholm you form bonds with people quickly. More so since you spend every day for the first few months together in one space learning the same stuff. As I have mentioned before – in Global Health you do not have elective courses you can take – you do not get to divide up according to interest and preference you are in class, in the same courses every day for months…naturally you form bonds.


So it is particularly heart breaking when the courses end – and we all divide up to go to do our theses. (Three months are dedicated exclusively to the thesis!) On Friday last week we had to say goodbye to a large number of our classmates. It goes without saying that I spent a fair portion of the night in tears! The Swedish students get something called the Minor Field Studies grant, from SIDA which better enables them to undertake their thesis project in exotic and far flung locations – this year we lost our Swedish colleagues to: Mexico, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa. However if you are able to go abroad, without the MFS grant – you are still able to – (so those of you with contacts, work on them NOW) – we lost our New Zealand colleague also to Mexico and beautiful Canadian/Romanian to DC.


So now, we sit with a significantly diminished class. Most of whom are planning elaborate travel plans and will not be around for large portions of the next few months… It feels like we have reached a turning point (I dare not say – the end – although it does feel rather like we have reached the end). We will see how the next few months of thesis writing unfolds….


I know I have mentioned this before in these related blogs below but – I certainly feel very fond of my class and (somewhat protective of each and every single one of them, for their own unique little idiosyncrasies)…


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