A Current Course Detail..

I am nearing the end of an interesting course, which I have mentioned in previous posts titled ‘Product Development in The Biomedical Industry’, our group projects were handed in last week and we also had to give an ‘Opposition’ presentation about another groups work. The basis of each project report was to address a need in the biomedical industry and to come up with a solution to meet this need or problem by creating our own medical device. This was worked on in groups and in total our class had 5 groups. This is something which Sweden loves; group work! be prepared 🙂 I have been placed into groups for 4 of my 5 courses I have taken since beginning in the Karolinska.

In my Bachelor there was very little emphasis on group work and so it has been at times a fun, refreshing process while in other moments I have been left frustrated and disheartened. This is as my lecturer stated last week ‘part of group work, a way to allow the student a glimpse into the working environment’ basically that you cannot chose whom you work with, but you can choose the elements you enlist to aid you to achieve the best result. A way I can now see; through learning from interactions with many different personalities and work mindsets.

Our opposition presentation was for a group of classmates who created a product to meet the need of heavy and uncomfortable radiation vests needed for specific surgeries. Our group read through this groups report and graded according to specific requirements and gave some feedback. THis was a very good experience for me, to stand in front of the class and especially the group in question and address areas which could have been improved in the most diplomatic way possible. I feel this will help me in the future, especially if I ever project manage a team. I need to get my point across without being harsh but by being articulate, clear and authoritative.

I realize now how awful I am at taking pictures during these moments and in life in general… my apologies.. I will try and make more of an effort to take pictures during presentations and more about the things I blog for. However, for now I do have a picture of a beautiful frozen lake I encountered on my jog behind my building last week 🙂


Next week we have our final exam for this course and an individual reflection on our experience working in the groups, as well as our opinions on what the biggest challenges are in the biomedical industry today. I am now also in a course with the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship called ‘Ideation’. This school was founded as a conglomerate of Stockholm University, the Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Stockholm School of Economics and Konstfack. This course is truly inspirational, however I want to include a separate post about this course next week with more details, this blog is just about my current situation with Product development and how things have gone.
I hope you enjoyed this post. As always any questions feel free to email, I hope those of you whom I have responded to have been satisfied by my answers!

Hej då

2 thoughts on “A Current Course Detail..

  1. Thanks for this interesting post! I completely agree about the emphasis on group work here at KI (and in Sweden in general as far as I know). Working with all kinds of people is an important skill, as is public speaking. In the Public Health Sciences (Epidemiology) program, we present in front of the class pretty often. I am so grateful for the practice because it has put me at ease in front of an audience.

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