A visit to the KI library

Since that day in August when I first stepped off the plane, Sweden has lived up to its reputation for clean, sparse, and modern architecture. Scandinavian style is also exemplified in many of KI’s buildings. Today I’d like to give you a tour of one of the spaces where we spend the most time: the library building on the Solna campus (the Solna campus is where all of the courses in the Master’s Program in Public Health Sciences take place).

At the building entrance, you will encounter these cute “study huts.” This is a favorite spot for eating lunch, studying for exams, or occasionally even getting together with friends in the evening.


From the entrance, you will also catch a glimpse of some beautiful vertical gardens (a very welcome sight in winter!).


This is the library information desk, the place that you will sign up for your library card when you arrive at KI and also where you can manage some administrative things, such as obtaining a copy of your transcript of records. I am a huge fan of this desk since the people that work here are so helpful and friendly. 


Further along you will see tables and benches. This is another favorite spot to eat lunch besides the restaurant in this building called Jöns Jacob (more thoughts on lunch in a future post).


Right across from these tables, you will find the KI bookstore, Medicinska Bokhandeln. Here, you can purchase all of the books required for courses here as well as some fun KI gear. At the beginning of the year, I bought a black KI thermos that has served me well every day since then. Remember, people take their fika seriously here!

CAM00013Another good place to look for course books is this reserve section of the library. There are usually at least two copies of each book that you can reserve for either one week or one day. I like the self checkout system.


Let’s head up the stairs past these fun hanging chairs.


Ah, my favorite part of the library. Honestly, does studying get more comfortable than this?


But if you want to get more serious, you can book one of many group rooms available for students or step into one of several quiet rooms. Here are two such rooms (one with computers, one without):


Before we leave the library, I should also mention another incredibly useful thing. There are a number of printers that can also copy and scan. Every student starts out with 100 SEK worth of free printing (scanning is free). So whether it’s to print something, eat lunch, find a book, or study, I come to the library almost every day when I’m at KI.

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