Ah yes. The not-quite-as-fun-filled-yet-at-least-middle-of-week-Wednesday is almost at an end. It is currently raining (surprise!) here in London and there’s unluckily a tube-strike going on, meaning it will probably take me quite some time to get home from work today and it won’t be an easy journey.

The weeks are quite tough when you’re doing a nine-to-five. It’s hard to fit in exercise, dinner and 8 hours of sleep in those precious hours you have left once you finally get off work.
Most days I come home I just want to lie under the covers in the couch, eat candy and drink wine. It’s beginning of February, money is pretty much gushing out of my pockets (and god knows what it’s being spent on, I need to get my clever money-plans back on track again) and loved ones visiting just returned home after we had a fantastic weekend together. So it’s a bit of the typical gloom us expats will feel at one time or another during our times away from home.

Trick is to not get stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts! I WILL go for a run this evening when I come home. And go to bed early… On Friday I’ve been invited for an after work dinner with my colleagues and for the rest I think I’m just going to rest and exercise and cook dinner all weekend, so I won’t be as stressed over it for next week!

A little bit of London so far…
LeavesLondon                         Lina&Simon                                               Themsen
hotel                          liberty

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