Master thesis: Episode I – “The Basics”

I have a feeling that sometimes time flies with speed of light! It is hard to believe, but we reached the final phase of our studies at Bioentrepreneurship program – MASTER THESIS! Our final 30 credits course takes place from 20th of January until 5th of June.

So far, two things were new to me when it comes to master thesis project: criteria for choosing the project and the actual timeline for delivering the final document.

To explain the first one, I would like to quote our official guidance for working on master thesis project to give an overview of what it includes:

  “A typical thesis project in bioentrepreneurship is an investigation aiming at solving a business problem within the life science field. The goal is for the student to use knowledge and practical skills gained during previous courses and studies to analyse and address a specific research question.”

Therefore one of the main criteria for the master thesis is that it has to have “Bioentrepreneurial” component in it, criteria that makes our master thesis looks different in comparison with traditional scientific thesis project. Here goes couple of examples:

  1. Develop pricing model for a new drug
  2. Design business model for particular company/product within Life Science field
  3. Evaluate reimbursement mechanisms for drugs of particular therapeutics area in several countries
  4. Explore what should be done to improve adoption of new innovative solutions by healthcare system in Sweden

But even more surprising for me was the actual length of the on master thesis. Though officially the course ends on 5th of June, the draft of the whole master thesis should be submitted already on 7th of May, what gives students a bit more than 3 months to conduct the study and write a final report. At least for me it came as a surprise.

It seems we have quite intense and interesting 3 months ahead of us! Stay tuned and I will keep you updated on the progress 🙂

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