My experience: Continuing to Learn Swedish

So when I went home for christmas I did pretty much nothing by way of learning swedish.. my bad.. I meant to bring my swedish copy of änglar och demoner by Dan Brown but somehow it remained in my apartment for the duration of my home visit. Thus coming back to sweden and hearing swedish again was really fun but also a reminder that not only had I neglected my learning duties but that I felt I lost alot of swedish in the process.

I was very unmotivated since coming back and it has taken quite a strong push internally for me to focus on it again. The main problem is basically that pretty much everyone you meet has perfect english and I found myself saying ’O I will just order in English this 1 time’ and this of course continued and continued.. you get the harrowing picture I am sure. However now my motivation is back. I won’t let the Swedish language win! I order in swedish pretty much everytime I go to a till in any setting, despite sometimes understanding everything that is said and sometimes not understanding much at all…..perseverance is key! I am also continuing with my SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) classes and actually have an exam bara svenska on the 11th of February (wish me luck) and on top of all this, speaking with natives is the best and sure fire way to learn and to learn fast. I have friends whom I speak with for maybe 5 minutes and then crumble and speak english. But I ask what this word was and what this meant etc and so within that 5 minutes I have learned something new. So basically what I am saying I guess is take advantage of any swede you will have in your life and use their knowledge for your benefit! Of course I am continuing my swedish TV watching and I will be going to see ‘Fröst’ in the cinema (yes a kids film but easier to understand.. and I love disney so…). I also included a picture of what Huddinge looked like tonight, covered in freshly fallen snow!

Somehow no matter what post I do it needs to include a picture of snow…

Ok I just wanted to update everyone since I received alot of interest in my learning swedish post.

Hej då

2 thoughts on “My experience: Continuing to Learn Swedish

  1. Good luck with your exam! Your efforts in learning Swedish will be rewarded with a much richer experience of living in this country.

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