Friday evening!

It’s Friday evening, my absolute favorite time of my absolute favorite day.

The whole weekend lies ahead of me and works almost finished. It’s been a fine start to the bachelor thesis project and I’m loving London (of course). Working in the labs here is a bit different than at KI and you suddenly realize how you are just used to things being a certain way.

I think every lab, also within KI, is probably different from one another though. But I get the general impression, when I compare notes with the other KI-people here, that everything is a bit more strict and that the view of undergraduates is somewhat different here. Of course, their undergraduates are younger than us and don’t have the same kind of experience that we do. I like it fine though, but am still happy that KI is where I have spent my undergraduate years. Even here at Imperial College, mentioning Karolinska puts people in somewhat of an awe.

But today is Friday, so I’m putting school things aside for a couple of days! There’s plenty of ingredients for a great weekend for me – we’re going to an electronic music exhibition at a museum nearby in about an hour (not entirely sure what it is, but it sounds interesting), my boyfriend is flying in from Amsterdam this evening and we’ve got some great events planned for the weekend. And my dad is flying in with ingredients for a Swedish “semla”.
In Sweden right now it’s the time of the “semla” (which is at this time every year) and I happen to love my dads homemade version of this amazing bun! Sure, the store-bought ones are also quite nice, but the ones my dad make are THE BEST.
You should still be sure to treat yourself to this tasty Swedish delicacy in january/februari though!

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