Winter Escape

It is indeed becoming noticeably lighter here in Stockholm, something EVERYONE (including myself) would love to talk to you about. It is a thing that I am used to, as Canadians also know what suffering through the winter months that seem to go on forever is like. Things like an extra 20 minutes of sunlight or having a 5 degree increase in temperature almost makes front pages of newspapers, it is just the little things that make us happy!


In the vein of enjoying the increasing amount of sun and light, it is also a really nice time to enjoy the winter and all of its wonders. Although the amount of light is the same as it probably was in November and October, this time we can take advantage of the snow and even the hope of spring around the corner makes you happier and more apt to go out and enjoy this winter and snow business as long as it lasts!


To celebrate the big 25 birthday, a classmate of ours rented a the student union cabin that is available for a very reasonable price to students of KI. Have I mentioned that I love my school sometimes? The cabin isn’t too far outside of the city, something I have found quite incredible as it really looks like it is in the middle of nowhere, and yet the cabin is only a 15 minute walk to the bus stop that is only a 20 minute bus ride from the Slussen T-bana station. We arrived Friday night and were able to comfortably fit classmates, friends, and house-mates in the main and surrounding sleeping cabins. It was so pretty both in the evening and the morning afterwards, with some people staying on for the weekend toenjoy the sauna (!!) and view. Here are some pictures of the place! I would highly recommend it 🙂 It is also a good place to have a larger get-together, although cleaning up afterwards is imperative, as everyone shares this wonderful community cabin, so Swedish!




Picturesque ❤ (Obviously instagram has to be used to enhance the beauty)



Those trying to get the last bit out of winter activities can be seen lugging their cross-country skies around the metro system and skating on the frozen lakes/ponds around the city. I am so in love with how much Swedes love winter, it is almost like it doesn’t phase them at all…maybe they even enjoy it =O


Hej då!

Caity, Global Health

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