Arriving at a new place…

Hello again everyone!

It’s been a hectic week (oh my god I can’t believe it’s only been a week!) since I came to the UK. When it comes to arriving to new places, I’m a little bit of an expert. It is always a hassle. And it usually goes something like this.

They’re likely to be heavy. I really tried everything to not pack unnecessary and heavy things. But it keeps amazing me how much some clothes and the necessary things can weigh… And how getting an extra bag somehow made all my things grow and take up more space.

Am I going to make it to the airport in time? Am I forgetting something? Where am I going when I arrive? How do I get there? Am I going to like it there? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME???

Pumped with excitement but exhausted from the stress and heavy-bag-dragging, the transportation seems to be taking forever. Once at the new station, learning how to cope with a brand new system in that moment is a struggle. Be as prepared as possible.

First night
If it’s in your new home or a hotel/hostel/friends place doesn’t matter. Laying down to sleep is going to feel amazing. You’re most likely asleep within five minutes.

Getting to know your new city. It’s always nicer when you don’t have any specific schedule to worry about. This was not the case for me, I came straight from KI to start my project the next day. But within just a week I know my way around campus, the lab, a bit of London, how to read the tube map, etc. Much left to explore, but I’m off to a good start. It usually goes quite quickly if you don’t just hang around where you’re staying.

Your new home
Make it your own as soon as you can and get your things in order, no matter how tiny your living space or how many people you are sharing with. Make some space yours. You’ll feel at home a lot sooner.

Everything that was forgotten
Yes, you forgot something. Or realize a lot of things that would’ve come in handy that you didn’t even consider. No matter how experienced traveler you are, it happens every time.
No worries though. The only thing you REALLY need in most new places is your passport, your phone and your credit card. Everything else you can manage without or replace!

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