First semester is over

5 months ago I was leaving Colombia, four days later I started with introduction week at KI and one week after I began my first course. Last Friday my cohort completed the first 20 weeks that define the first semester. Times goes very fast and summer is waiting for us behind the horizon, at the end of this quite long 20 weeks road.

I had four courses, each one very different from the others but the best have been the last one: Health Policy and Systems. It also has been the most demanding but the other three have their own charm.

Introduction to Public Health Sciences: Before coming to Stockholm I did not have any idea of public health and everything in this course was learning for me. We had a lot of guest lecturers that gave us a very broad picture of Public Health and I found them very insightful. Of course, some were very good and some others not that much. This was the only course we have shared with our mates from Epidemiology track. For People with Public Health background, this course was extremely basic.

Health Economics – financing health and medical care: I have a Master in Business Administration and many of the microeconomy concepts were familiar for me. But this was only part of the course and the rest regarding health Economy was quite good. I think most of us learnt a lot, even people with Public Health and Economic background. The practical exercises and seminars were very useful and the final evaluation was very unique, demanding and stressful. A friend from second year said this was the most difficult exam for her.

Planning for health: first of all must of my partners and me think this course is not about planning. It is also very short so we have mixed feelings on it. This was our first approach to academic writing aimed to develop a research proposal. This was the topic I enjoyed and suffered at the same time. Do not expect too much because course coordinators and teachers cannot do so much in that short time.

Health Policy and Systems: This was the course that went through Christmas time, so it has a handicap from the beginning. I has been the most demanding and all finished exhausted but very happy and enthusiastic about policy and systems. But the best of the best was the teacher, Taina. Unfortunately she left to her home country and maybe she will be no coordinating this course the next time.

A brief summary: I have learnt a lot, I am know understanding the research approach that KI and its master programs have; This second semester looks very interesting also (we already started the course of Basic Epidemiology and Statistics) and I am now reconsidering my interest in pursuing a research career. A friend told me that it could be normal at this point of the program and that I should not be afraid or regretful of thinking this.

Let’s see what I find during this second part of the roadlear

You cand find the Master’s outline in

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