After Application…

Hey everyone!

Many of you must have seen the video titled “What to do while you wait for your results”. If you have not here is the link!

Well, the application deadline is over and I thought I too shall give all of you some insight of what I did after. After submitting my application, my focus was trying to complete and pass all my courses in my bachelor’s Programme so that I could graduate and come to Sweden if my application was successful.

Mainly, what you have to focus on is trying to work on your CV and submitting the rest of your application to Karolinska. This CV plays a very important role in getting you a spot in Karolinska. Focus on the experiences you have, your passion for your choice of study, why you want to be in Karolinska and what you want to get out of your education here.You can check out Caity’s blogpost for more advice! (:

Do not forget that it would take at least 5 to 7 working days if you are sending your supplemental documents from Singapore to Sweden. The deadline is Februrary 3rd so do plan ahead.

You can also start reading up about surviving Sweden. Read the blog posts that we have up and also check for any updates and advice on the Facebook pages. Once again feel free to contact any one of us and we will be most willing to provide you with advice and guidance.


If you are applicable for the Swedish institutes Scholarship you can start applying when the application opens on the 3rd February.

If your from Singapore, you can use this as a guide and see which category you fall in. They also have scholarships for PHD applications if you are interested.

Most of all just be confident and hope for the best! Enjoy your time back home (Warmth and Sunshine) before you embark on your journey to Sweden .

All the best and hope to meet you guys in Sweden!

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